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Cat Boxes and Half Baths

Let me start by saying, I hate the cat box. No matter what I do the litter is everywhere. It drives me crazy!

I never had an issue in the past. Every home we lived in the litter box found a spot that just worked, usually the laundry room. Out of sight. In our current home the laundry room was not an option because it is actually a laundry closet. The only spot it really made sense here, was the downstairs half bath. I second guessed this choice often. When people come over is this really what I want them to see? Ultimately, I decided that my day-to-day comfort is more important than what visitors see, so the choice stayed.

I still hated it. We always did a tote with a cut out for a cat box. This is a great solution when no one needs to look at it! Even me throwing some cute cut up cardboard to make cleaning easier was no help.

The first thing I did was add some artwork. It really was needed in the space. Not only did it make the room a lot less plain, but it also draws the eye up from the box on the floor. I searched “cat box furniture” on Amazon, and we ended up with a nice piece. The Birdrock litter box enclosure looked great. I will say if you had to move it often, I think something more solid would be better. This was good for our purpose and looked great. We also had to get a standard litterbox to put inside. (Check dimensions if you buy a little box to make sure it will fit the inside on your cat box furniture.) To top it off I added a spider plant. The plant was the most challenging. I had no idea how many plants are toxic to cats! This one was safe, ferns, succulents and parlor palms are also cat friendly.


I was incredibly happy with how everything turned out, however not everything is meant to last. My spider plant died (this is not a surprise; I kill all plants), so I bought a small faux plant on Amazon. Then our cat decided she did not like her box enclosed. She let us know by going on the floor just in front of it. After mats outside the door, a top opening box, a table over the box, a taller table, we landed on a high sided litter box and micro crystal pet litter. I covered the cat box in some pretty duct tape to make it less horrible, and the Ultra Pet Micro Crystal Litter is a lot easier to clean up when she gets it all over. I still hate it, but she isn’t stressed, and it isn’t as bad as it once was.


You have two options, accept it, or change it. I have accepted it (for the most part.)
 We also upgraded to some nice Turkish hand towels.


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