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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo: Notes

This book is an entirely different experience than the Netflix show. If your serious about getting your home and your life in order, I truly believe in this method. I am by nature a tidy person, so I am not ready to commit to trying Marie's life makeover just yet. Regardless, I am confident, if you are not a tidy person this book is for you. I suggest reading this book in it's entirety before you begin. Like anything, you have to want the change. When you are ready pick up this book and let the magic of tidying transform your life and your home.

As I said, I am naturally a tidy person. In addition, the path I'm on has already incorporated a lot of things in this book, into my life.

My biggest question when I finished this book was: if I'm already a tidy person will this plan still benefit me?

Come spring, when I have more time on my hands, I plan to find out. In the meantime, I thought I would share my notes on the book that I think will help me most.



Instead of organizing your home, you are getting your home in order. Looking at this as bringing order to my home (and life) is something different from the other things I have tried.

Aim for perfection. Go for drastic change. Have a clear vision of why you want your home tidy. Once you have the answer to that question, ask yourself why you want that? Then, with that answer, ask yourself why once more. Have a clear vision of the lifestyle you want.


Discard first. Then organize.



Tops. Bottoms. Clothes to be hung. Socks. Underwear. Bags. Accessories. Event specific. Shoes.

Fold- Thirds. Rectangle. Stand on end.

Closet- Rise to the right. Coats, dresses, jackets, skirts, tops.

Socks- Fold in half, Thirds (toes inside), Roll.



Unread means never. Keep only the hall of fame.



Discard everything.

3 categories only.

Currently in use. Need for a limited time. Must be kept indefinitely.

Throw away all warranty papers and manuals.

One spot in the home for papers.

Throw away used checkbooks and pay slips.



Keep things you love, not just because.

Cd's, DVD's. Skin Care. Make Up.

Accessories. Valuables. Electronics.

House Equipment (stationary, sewing).

House Supplies (detergent, tissues).

Kitchen. Others.

Change goes into the wallet.

Anything broken goes.



Photos. Only save what brings joy. Only 1 or 2 will bring memories from a time.

Handle each item, only keep what brings a happy memory.

Appreciate who you are now.



Only buy what you need.

Reduce until it feels right.

Have a place for each item.

Simple storage solutions.

Don’t scatter storage: clothes, books, documents, komono, memories. 1 spot each.

Each family member has their own space for storage.

“Declutter" written “noise.”

Two types of people: attachment to the past vs anxiety about the future (me).

Greet/respect your house/possessions.

Put your house in order.

Spark Joy.


Again, these are just my notes, this is coming from someone who is naturally tidy already. If you are not a tidy person, or struggle with keeping your home in order, I believe following the method in this book exactly will help change your life.


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