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Little Redo: Bathroom


(this is my before and after all at once, because apparently I saved no other pictures of my before.)

Little redo. Sometimes there is no time, to renovate, upgrade, make over, renew your home. Money could also be a factor keeping you from making any changes, or even thinking of changes, because we cannot afford that either. However, when either of these factors come into play, I suggest a little redo.

A little redo can be done in a day. Some easy, cost effective décor changes and organization that change the feeling a room gives you. Do one room at a time. I started with my bathroom. I realized I had the same shower curtain and rug that I had in my first apartment when I was 18. I figured it was time for a change.

Once I had a room picked, I focused what things I though would make the biggest impact for me. I looked around and thought ‘what needs replaced (said shower curtain) and what can I add.’


My starter list was:

New Shower curtain (Replacing)

New Rug (Replacing)

New Towels (Replacing)

Wall Art (Adding)

Cat Bowl (Replacing, she was drinking out of a cereal bowl for her upstairs water)


I started by looking online for a shower curtain. This was the focus for my redo as it triggered my need for change, so it was my most important item. I scanned online first. It is a lot easier to bounce from store to store on my phone. I found one that I really loved and headed off to Wal-Mart. With my shower curtain in hand, I began to shop. I picked up what felt right to tie that shower curtain into the color scheme of my floor and cabinets. (Redoing those things is a big task and not what a little redo is about).

I ended up with everything on my list. The shower curtain was a busy pattern, so I went with solid blacks on a lot of the items. I also love black, and that you can see easily when it needs a wash. I went with matching patterned towels, one black and grey and one tan to unify the new blacks with the existing browns in our floors and cabinets. I recycled an old canvas to make my own wall art, and some shelf with greenery on another wall. All the items were under $100. I went with what felt right to me in the moment. Too much preplanning and research may lead to disappointment when you cannot find just the right item. This is the reason I suggest focusing on one item and enjoying pairing it with others. You want to feel good when you walk into your new space, so only bring home things that make you feel good. If something is still missing later, you can look for that item later.

Before I could begin changing and adding the new décor, cleaning and organizing must come first. I should note that I keep various containers and old boxes on hand so most of the time I can find I bin to organize if I need it. If you do not have things like these you may want to do this step before you go shopping, that way you can add a Tupperware, basket, or organizer to your shopping list.

Open every drawer and every cabinet. Throw away anything that makes you think "oh I didn't know that was in there." Only keep items you use or absolutely love, "well maybe's" can go. Expired items can go. Clean as you go, wipe down those drawers while they are empty. Only keep what you need. If you get visitors once a year do you really need all those extra towels? Be honest with yourself. When hanging on to things you do not need, the only person your inconveniencing is yourself. (And maybe your family which is just as bad). 

***Side note: if money is one of the reasons you struggle with redoing your home, this may be hard for you. There is a reason that I still have that shower curtain from 12 years ago. Even though there were times in my life that I had roommates and no use for it I kept it packed away. Up until a year or two ago I had a hard time ever getting rid of anything. I have had a lot of struggles in life, money being a big factor for most of it, so when I got something, I could not let it go because I never knew if I would be able to afford to buy something like that again. Even when my life was financially stable, it took along time to accept the mindset that it was ok to let it go. It’s ok if you’re not ready for this or not at this point in your life. Know it is just your situation right now, not forever. If you keep always working your hardest and really doing the best you can, it does get better.***

Put like thing together. Bins, bin, bins, to keep thing separate and tidy. These bins do not have to be bins, old Tupperware, lids, jars, small boxes. Minimize what you keep on your counters, only the things you need within reach, everything else can be stowed away, even if you use it daily putting it under the sink, or in a storage space will make the space stay neater and feel better. (I don’t follow this entirely, some stuff I like to have within reach, I strive for need so it does not get out of hand.)

My last tip, command hooks are your friend. Heavier duty hooks can replace them later if needed, but for me it has never been needed.

Even if the transformation is not drastic it, it will feel that way to you. Taking care of the details that are important to you can really transform your space in a day. Organizing and getting rid of items will make the space feel cleaner, be easier to clean, and leave you with a light happy feeling.

(Recycled an old canvas and found this stencil online, still think the swirl looks like an 's' but I've moved on.)

(these plants have died and have been replaced by plastic succulents from Amazon. I tried...)


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